Sustainability of Mobile Clinics in Reproductive Health and Family Planning Service Delivery May 2000-2001 May/2000-2001
  The purpose of the research project was to provide information to decision makers that can help integrating the mobile clinics in the (MOHP/PS) service delivery system and sustain their role in delivery of FP and RH services in service deprived area. The target information includes the cost-efficiency ratios for FP and RH services offered by the mobile clinics, the institutional capacity of the mobile clinics, the sustainability of demand indicators and the supply/manpower sustainability indicators. Four approaches were used for data collection, collecting data from the records of a sample of 150 MOHP family planning clinics, exit-interviews with around 1000 clients, interviews with 150 providers, and in–depth interviews with 30 family planning directors. The study was implemented under the auspices of the Research Management Unit, National Population Council.  
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