Egypt Demographic and Health Surveys 1995, 92, 88 1995, 92, 92
  The EDHS is the largest national survey to be conducted in Egypt every four years. The primary objective of the EDHS was to collect data for providing accurate information on levels and trends in fertility, family planning use, infant and child mortality, and maternal and child health indicators. The EDHS was carried out in 1988, 1992 and 1995. The sample size for the 1995 EDHS was over 15,000 households with around 14,000 women in their reproductive age (between 15-49 years). In addition, Anthropometric measures were conducted for women and all their children under five years of age. This survey was carried out in all Egyptian governorates. The EDHS is considered the most important survey that assists policy makers and administrators in evaluating existing programs and in designing new strategies for improving family planning and health services in Egypt. The EDHS is implemented under the auspices of the National population Council and El-Zanaty & Associates staff conducted the survey  
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