The Egyptian Households Health Care Utilization and Expenditure Survey1994-1995. 1994-1995
  The data for Decision Making Project (DDM) at Harvard University’s School of public Health in collaboration with the Directorate of planning in the Ministry of Health in Egypt carried out the survey. Cairo Demographic Center was responsible for implementing the survey. El-Zanaty & Associates Director was the director of the survey. The main goal of the survey was to provide a complete picture on the Health Care demand of different groups in the Egyptian population and for different types of the health needs. This project was carried out in Egypt for the first time. The sample included more than 10,000 households in which each member was interviewed, accordingly, more than 50,000 individuals were successfully interviewed. In order to account for seasonal differences in the utilization of Health Care Services, the survey was conducted on two rounds one during the winter months and one during the summer months.  
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